Myself and Others

  • TitleMyself and Others
  • AuthorSunmi Lee
  • IllustratorSunmi Lee
  • Pages46
  • DateSep. 6, 2013
  • Size218×267㎜
  • ISBN9788992704458
  • 2015 Selected for Sejong Books
  • 2015 Book of the Year by Morning Reading Organization
  • Endorsed by National Human Rights Commission, the School Librarian Association of Korea, I-Bookland Book Club and Openkid Journal


This book elucidates on the differences between the concepts “myself” and “others” and depicts these viewpoints in a unique way, using the front of the book to talk about the “myself” viewpoint and the back to speak about the “others” viewpoint. This way, readers can have different perceptions of the same incident. The book focuses on the subject of bullying, where a girl with a boy’s haircut moves to a new town. Here she stumbles upon children playing and wants to join them, but hesitates for a while for fear of being picked on for being the new girl in town. The other children notice her and are curious about her, but they think her hairstyle and shoes are strange. Snippets of their conversation reach the girl’s ears.