The Following Reasons Reveal Why a Teacher Loves You.

  • TitleThe Following Reasons
  • Reveal Why a Teacher Loves
  • You.
  • AuthorMila Kang
  • IllustratorKyunghee Ahn
  • Pages40
  • DateJan. 16, 2013
  • Size221×253㎜
  • ISBN9788992704434
  • Rights sold to Taiwan
  • Outstanding Book Award Winner (2014)
  • Endorsed by the School Librarian Association of Korea, Hanwoori Book Club, Dongwon Book Club


A kindergarten class is comprised of seven children, each having different childish characteristics such as tattling to the teachers or annoying the others by hanging objects on them. The teacher in the kindergarten looks so exhausted but she still encourages her students to develop their personalities and become loving towards their classmates.
The illustrations make sure that each detail is depicted with humor. Readers can therefore better appreciate the humor in this story.