My True Wishes

  • TitleMy True Wishes
  • AuthorSunmi Lee
  • IllustratorSunmi Lee
  • Pages46
  • DateDEC, 25, 2020
  • Size217×305㎜
  • ISBN9788992704793
  • 2021 Selected for Munhaknanum
  • 2021 Selected for Gyeongnam reading hanmadang books award

The story of the three wishes, the genie, and a surprise twist.

When the child rubs the bottle, a genie appears and says he will grant him three wishes. When he wishes he were smart, his mother ends up happy. His second wish of becoming rich makes his dad buy a new car. None of them were the child’s real wishes. Ahead of the last wish, the genie advises him that it should be his own, true wish, and he must understand himself to know what it is. What could the child’s third wish be? The author tells the story of the last wish in a picture book bursting with laughter.

What should I do to be happy? It’s a question I’ve thought of for a long time.
And the answer I arrived on after a long time was that I must know about myself before I can be happy.
As I tried to understand myself I discovered that I had been lying to myself in many little aspects of my life.

– Lee, Sunmi