The Moments We Spent Together

  • TitleThe Moments We Spent Together
  • AuthorHyejin Shin
  • IllustratorHyejin Shin
  • Pages46
  • DateAPR. 3, 2024
  • Size217×247㎜
  • ISBN979119327903877810

The time my grandfather and I shared together will remain in our hearts forever

The book captures the heartwarming moments between a granddaughter and her grandfather. With an avuncular love for his granddaughter, the grandfather documents her growth: her first steps, learning to ride a bicycle, starting middle school; he photographs the moments they share, hoping that they remain forever.

But as he ages, his memories grow fainter by the day and he becomes too frail to hold the camera. The granddaughter, blossoming into an adult, takes up the camera and continues chronicling their moments together. Through the motif that though memories may fade the moments shared will live on, the book makes the reader focus on the value of the time spent together rather than the memory itself.

With the intent of spreading comfort and joy through their work, the author continues forth in their journey. Having won the 4th WJJunior picture book competition, the author’s debut ‘Me and Bicycle’, was awarded the Exhibition Illustrators at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2020. Their succeeding piece ‘Sky Lake’ placed third in the 2022 Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award’s (CICLA) Illustration Exhibition category.