Whispering of the Tower

  • TitleWhispering of the Tower
  • Authorby Soojung Myung
  • Illustratorby Soojung Myung
  • Pages50
  • DateFEB. 11, 2022
  • Size119×162㎜
  • ISBN9788992704892

Stacking each stone with each and every whisper.

What is the hidden story behind the towers that reach for the sky? The author explores this idea with the main character “휘” and his companions. He places a stone he likes on the pavement as if he was handing a flower to his mother. The start of a new tower. One by one, a stone from his mother watching from above, a stone from his father doing his shoelaces, the tower begins to rise. As he grows up to be an adult, we can see that his friends and family were also building towers of their own. It is a book representing the small whispers of daily life, slowly turning into a snow-white sky.