Beyond that Door

  • TitleBeyond that Door
  • AuthorGidoo Song
  • IllustratorGidoo Song
  • Pages54
  • DateAUG. 30, 2023
  • Size267373㎜
  • ISBN9791193279007

Consolation offered through introspection from a door’s motion by its resemblance to the heart

Consolation from the movement of the door that parallels how the heart feels.

A man is inside the house with the door closed. Despite being indoors, his whole body is wrapped in a muffler afraid of the outside world. One day, he hears a knocking sound. Though the sound drives him towards a corner in fear, it also fills him with anticipation. As the walls of his heart are portrayed as the door, the variation of the depiction can be seen as the emotions of the protagonist.

As he begins to open his heart to the sounds beyond the door, those sounds turn into fragrant petals and flutter. When he finally opens the door, he meets the lady waiting for him and the two walk out together into the world side by side.

The door is open, but the sound of the wind still remains.

I was born in the serene countryside.

I became accustomed to introspection surrounded by the tranquillity.

I studied architecture and crafted furniture for a time.

I put my most precious furniture where my heart desired and scribbled sketches whenever I could.

When the art and the story resonate together, that is the reason I make picture books.

The days I cowered over my own thoughts and the immortality of this world, they were the inspiration for my first picture book ‘Beyond that door’.