Post 2053, Tales from that planet

  • TitlePost 2053, Tales from that planet
  • AuthorSoojin Cho
  • IllustratorSoojin Cho
  • Pages34
  • DateJUL. 20, 2023
  • Size355×201㎜
  • ISBN9788992704700

A scrolling fold-out book with a simultaneous display of both the exterior and interior of the Cosmovilla and illustrations of extinct animals that glow in the darkness.

2053.12.30, 16:23, by the decision of the Cosmic Peace Corps, humanity was held accountable for the destruction of earth exterminated within 13 seconds. As the earth recovered, Dr. Squid from the 3rd solar system, planet KOI-7711 was tasked with the restoration of earth and research into new species: “Cosmovilla” is that research laboratory.

“Cosmovilla” is twofold: it is a description of the life of the inhabitants from their perspective, but in the dark it is also a vivid depiction of the history of extinction. The accompanying “research notes” detail the analysis and research progress done by Dr. Squid and provide a more in depth understanding of the piece.

I am grateful to live on a beautiful planet. I am an author who lives their daily life to the best of my abilities in the hopes that I will be perceived as a respectable earthling once we encounter an alien species. I was selected as the “Illustrator of the Year (2016) at the Bologna Book Fair, and was selected and exhibited as one of the 10 leading Korean artists at BIB (2023). My other works include ‘The Mirror Book’, ‘Moon-rabbit Turtle Squid’ and ‘Woojin’s Diary’.