A round of tightrope walking

  • TitleA round of tightrope walking
  • Authorby Minha
  • Illustratorby Minha
  • Pages36
  • DateNOV. 25, 2022
  • Size165×280㎜
  • ISBN9788992704687

  • 2023 Selected as The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf BCBF
  • 2022 Selected for Excellent Publication Content

A Picture book that depicts our tightrope walking through synaesthesia.

Our tightrope walking, which is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, is regarded as a comprehensive art, beyond just showing acrobatic talent like tightrope walking in other countries, but through the jokes and interactions between the tightrope walkers and the clowns, and the performance of Six Samhyeon Instruments. <A round of tightrope walking> captures these characteristics of our tightrope walking in a picture book whilst taking into the modern scene. Each page is threaded, so the readers can experience the feel of the tightrope with each turn of the page. The book contains the performances of Master tightrope walkers like Kim Dae-kyun in the contents of the book through a QR code. Readers can enjoy walking the tightrope by turning the pages along with the jokes throughout the performance.