The mayfly meets tomorrow


  • TitleThe Mayfly Meets Tomorrow
  • AuthorBy Hyunjung Na
  • IllustratorBy Hyunjung Na
  • Pages50
  • DateJAN. 17, 2023.
  • Size226×312㎜
  • ISBN9788992704717

What does tomorrow mean for the mayfly who cannot live past today?

Waking from a beautiful flowerbed, the mayfly remarks to the bird that it would be wonderful if they could begin each morning the same way. Perplexed, the bird replies: “Will you not be here tomorrow?” “Tomorrow.” A word completely alien to the mayfly, rouses a desire for an adventure within. It is said that tomorrow is the grass growing inches at a time to become a blooming tree, and the withered flower on the windowsill to blossoming again. But for the senile tomorrow is the fear of death, and for the goldfish trapped in the fishbowl it is no different to today. As the journey continues, the mayfly gathers more responses from the sea, a girl and a caterpillar before reaching the snow-tipped hilltops. Will the mayfly understand “tomorrow” before it creeps up on it?