One Morning

  • TitleOne Morning
  • AuthorJinhee Lee
  • IllustratorJinhee Lee
  • Pages54
  • DateDec. 14, 2012
  • Size233×265㎜
  • ISBN9788992704427
  • Rights sold to Taiwan and Vietnam
  • Picture Book of the Month by Publishing Journal
  • Book of the Year by Morning Reading Organization (2014)
  • Endorsed by the School Librarian Association of Korea

Discovering the loss of a valuable thing early in the morning causes quite an upheaval. The deer living in the woods had this experience as he found himself without a horn. At first, he did not even notice the horn had vanished! Mourning this loss, he looks for his horn. Can he really find his lost horn?
The intricate illustrations of the deer without its horn captivate the eyes of the reader. The illustrations depict the deer meeting other friends in search of the horn so the readers can better sympathize with him. They can also appreciate the beautiful portrayal of the deer’s emotions with these illustrations.