Winter & Star

  • TitleWinter & Star
  • Authorby Soyung Lee
  • Illustratorby Soyung Lee
  • Pages58
  • DateDEC. 22, 2021
  • Size247×247㎜
  • ISBN9788992704885

  • Rights sold to France
  • AOI Short List (2022)

The cold winter’s preserved strength for the birth of new life

The sleepy Winter prepares for his journey. With a pouch of white snow and another of dark night it is a trip he makes annually. Moving inconspicuously to avoid the cold shuffles, he spots a boy walking alone. The boy is unmoved even when Winter sprinkles snow on him and expresses his displeasure at winter taking his parents away from him. In response, Winter prepares the child to greet another “Winter.” It is a tale that reflects the meaning of togetherness as the child welcomes a new sibling.