• Title09:47
  • AuthorGihun Lee
  • IllustratorGihun Lee
  • Pages90
  • DateOct. 10, 2021
  • Size297×297㎜
  • ISBN9788992704878

    • Rights sold to China
    • Lotte Publishing Awards Winner (2022)
    • Selected as the BIB Korean entry (2023)

Dynamically and yet meticulously, the warnings of global warming and the hopes for humanity are portrayed with vivid realism. Through the medium of ‘time,’ the visions of a child discovering the ark of hope on judgment day and the reality of mankind living unconcerned of the environmental crisis are smoothly intertwined. As such, it is difficult to determine whether each scene is real or a figment of the imagination, only being sure that it is real at the beginning and end. However, even this is shrouded in ambiguity due to the time loop that links the two points and the sophisticated scene composition and depiction that amplifies the ambiguity of the real and imaginary makes it truly tense and exhilarating.

Lee, Gihun

I like to take a nap on a hazy afternoon, to run around with my three children who still play tag with their father, to tell stories and to draw, to make silent picture books, and to travel around the world with my beloved wife. I have won the 2013 BIB Children’s Jury Award and was selected as the ‘2010 MENTION’ given to only two illustrators along with the ‘Selected Illustrators’ at the 2010 BCBF.