Seoshank Redemption

  • TitleSeoshank Redemption
  • Authorby Youngkyung Lee
  • Illustratorby Youngkyung Lee
  • Pages54
  • DateJUN. 3, 2022
  • Size180×260㎜
  • ISBN9788992704977

Not Shawshank Redemption, but Seoshank Redemption! The cheerful cry of a lab rat singing, “Put them all back in place, send them all back!”

“Seoshank, who lives as a lab rat in the Winorlose Research Institute, escapes in search of a vegetable garden, but is caught and imprisoned by a cat, Dr Winorlose. Dr Winorlose makes his lab rats perform games every day in his lab. The rats are sick from exhaustion after playing games that are impossible to win, but Dr Winorlose seduces the mice claiming they can win the game if they drink the “Super energy power X” The rats gulp down Super energy power X being deceived by the doctor turns the laboratory into a sea of poop from stomachaches. Seoshank, who succeeded in escaping during the chaos, finds a vegetable garden and eats fresh vegetables as much as he wants, and enjoys peace in his stomach. At that time, he learns of Dr Winorlose’s plan from a newspaper he finds on the floor. Now angered, he decides to save his friends trapped in the lab…

I dream with starry eyes, a world where animals and humans can live and die, respecting each other. About animal rights, about our society that is built for competition, and about our reality of being held hostage to play a game against our will. I wrote this book thinking about balancing our society.