Candy, the Admirable Girl

  • TitleCandy, the Admirable Girl
  • AuthorMila Kang
  • IllustratorDukyu Choi
  • Pages40
  • DateDec. 5, 2011
  • Size221×253㎜
  • ISBN9788992704328
  • Rights sold to Taiwan
  • Outstanding Book Award Winner (2013)
  • Kids Hankook Daily Award Winner
  • Book of the Year by Morning Reading Organization (2013)
  • Endorsed by Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Dongwon Book Club, Openkid Journal


Candy was raised to believe that becoming a good girl would somehow alleviate her younger brother’s efforts on devilry. One day, she is surprised to hear her shadow tell her to express her anger and rebuke her younger brother. Eventually, she succeeds in reprimanding him for his devilry; and becomes a happier child.
This picture book depicts children as sentient beings who are able to think about themselves and understand their inner thoughts. Parents, in turn, must exert efforts in developing good attitudes in their growing children.