On a Walk

  • TitleOn a Walk
  • AuthorYunhee Lee
  • IllustratorYunhee Lee
  • Pages38
  • DateFEB, 25, 2021
  • Size257×239㎜
  • ISBN9788992704830
  • Korean BookStart List (2022, 23)

Breathing a story into a dry, empty path.

A story of bricks in the city sidewalk, with varying shapes and colors. Although the author brings the sidewalk’s life into a place not of grand creation, but still just a simple path we walk on. Mundane things, a ball, a piece of grass, a cat and a sewer cover are all things we usually see, but as the writer focuses on these objects, they become more than just objects, but characters with stories and life. The black-and-white pictures drawn with a scratchy pencil is like a potion that leads the reader on a story of imagination of the road more freely without being tied to the colors of reality.


– Yunhee Lee