So Young Lee

Soyoung Lee, Author-Illustraor of ‘Winter & Star’, ‘My Summer,’ and ‘Beyond the Shadow’

I am an active illustrator and picture book author in Korea and France. I believe that a single person’s picture book can be the path of many others, so I make picture books with the aim of benefitting us all. I love and enjoy the process of listening to the sound of our hearts and infusing them into my stories and paintings.

I became a BCBF Selected Illustrator with Beyond the Shadow in 2014. The Blue Boy, Ian was selected as the 2018 IBBY Good Book for Children with Disabilities Korean entry, ‘The Chimney Ghost’ and ‘My Summer,’ were selected as the 2019 and 2021 BIB Korean entries, with ‘My Summer,’ also selected for the 2021 White Ravens.